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Author's Name: Leigh Michaels

Leigh Michaels is the author of a lot more than 70 modern-day romance novels posted by Harlequin Books. More than 30 million copies of her books have already been printed worldwide. Six of her literature have already been finalists for Perfect Traditional Romance novel found in the RITA contest sponsored by Romance Writers of America. She received a Reviewer's Choice award from Romantic Times. Her work has been translated and published found in 120 countries in a lot more than 20 languages, including Japanese, Korean, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, Bulgarian, Russian, Turkish, Hebrew, Greek, Swedish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Africans, Hebrew, and Chinese. She is the writer of non-fiction literature such as for example WRITING THE ROMANCE NOVEL, a step-by-step workbook, and CREATING ROMANTIC CHARACTERS. She's produced sound tapes on subjects of curiosity to writers generally. 

Author's Name: Barbara McMahon

Barbara McMahon was raised found in Arlington, Virginia, moving to California to attended the University of California at Berkeley. Upon graduation, she remained in California, producing the SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA Bay Area her residence base while she proved helpful as a flight attendant for an international airline. What fun that task proved--flying around the world! After her matrimony, she began to job in the computer industry, rising to a vice presidency in a software development firm. In her "free time," she made a decision to give into a very long cherished desire to try her hand at writing. One of the first factors she discovered was that authoring was a very important factor but getting a book written is complicated to accomplish -- especially when things such as real life interfere. She persevered, however, and ENTER INTO THE SUN (1983) was the to begin over four dozen literature sold to Harlequin Mills & Boon, Silhouette and Hard Shell Term Factory. To time over ten million copies of her literature have sold in forty numerous countries in twenty-one different languages. 

Author's Name: Marion Lenox

Marion Lennox is a good country young lady, born on an Australian dairy farm. She shifted - mostly because the cows merely weren't interested in her tales! Married to a `extremely unique doctor', Marion writes Medical Romances together with Tender Romances (She utilized a different name for each category for a while if you’re looking on her behalf past Tender Romances, search for author Trisha David). In her non-writing life Marion cares for kids, cats, dogs, chooks and goldfish. She travels, she fights her rampant lawn (she's losing) and her home dust (she's lost). Having spun in circles pertaining to the initial part of her lifestyle, she’s at this point stepped back from her `different’ career, which was teaching figures at her regional university. Finally she’s reprioritised her existence, figured what's crucial and found out the joys of deep baths, romance and chocolate. Preferably all at the same time! 

Author's Name: Jessica Hart

Jessica Hart's first recollections are of Africa, where she was born, and she was raised with incurably itchy feet. In her time, she has traveled from Afghanistan to Australia, from Algeria to Belize, from Cameroon to Indonesia, with many stops en route, having an excellent time, but failing dismally to live as dangerously as she got always secretly wanted. Before learning to be a full-time writer, her career, when you can call it that, consisted of a haphazard series of jobs all over the world. Her last 'proper' work was on the overseas news table of a countrywide newspaper. Before that, she was on expedition in West Africa, prepared on an outback cattle station, taught English as a spanish, was development assistant for a theatre provider and analysis assistant for a publisher of cafe guides and loaded in the gaps between by operating as a secretary, waitress, chambermaid and dishwasher. Regular readers will most likely recognize how often she has drawn on her behalf varied experience for inspiration in terms of setting and plot! 
To find out more about Jessica's books, go to www.jessicahart.co.uk.

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Author's Name: Lucy Gordon

Lucy Gordon is English, and lives found in England with her hubby and two dogs.

She always wanted to become a writer, and for twelve years worked for a woman’s magazine. In search of duplicate she camped out with lions in Africa, traveled with a flying ambulance service and interviewed some of the world’s most interesting guys, including Warren Beatty, Richard Chamberlain, Roger Moore. She sold her first book, LEGACY OF FIRE, to Silhouette in 1982. Since that time she has created over 50 romances for Silhouette and Harlequin. Two of these have received the RITA Award in the Traditional Category, Track OF THE LORELEI (1990) and HIS BROTHER’S CHILD (1998). Two other books have already been finalists, A PEARL BEYOND Selling price (1988) and FOR THE LOVE OF EMMA (1997). She has also been a finalist in the Regency Category with AN UNROMANTIC Woman (1997) in her various other incarnation of Penelope Stratton. 

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Author's Name: Barbara Hannay

Barbara Hannay's writing job began at the age of eight when she earned her writer's badge in the Brownies, (junior Young lady Scouts) writing a tale about a litttle lady who is devastated when she has to approach from the city to the outback, leaving her good friends and fellow Brownies behind. Today the task of living in the outback continues to be a strong topic in many of Barbara's romances, although almost always there is a sexy hero to make the choice more interesting. 

Barbara is thrilled that OUTBACK WITH THE BOSS won Romantic Times' Reviewers' Decision Award for Top Harlequin Romance 2001.Visit her web site is http://www.barbarahannay.com.  

Author's Name: Susan Fox

Growing up, I hardly ever suspected I'd turn into a article writer. It was following the birth of my second boy that I examine my first of all romance novel, got an idea of my very own, and made a decision to try composing one. Only if it experienced been that easy!

The procedure of learning how exactly to put into words the characters and stories I've had in my own heart has been one of the most difficult challenges I've ever taken on-and it is still. But I take wonderful satisfaction in providing somewhat of entertainment and diversion for you personally, and I hope to often write the testimonies you'll enjoy reading.  

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Author's Name: Liz Fielding

Award-winning author, Liz Fielding, has written a lot more than forty literature, almost all of them published under the series imprint Harlequin Romance® and, on 2002, broke new surface for the series by posting City Girl in Trained in the initial person, a book that was subsequently short-listed for the prestigious RITA® award.
Liz has travelled world-wide, doing work for many years found in Africa and the Middle East. She's gazed in awe at the Victoria Falls, stood within the superb Pyramid at Giza and slept (very close to her private hero!) with lions prowling yards from her tent in the Kenyan bush - the setting for A GRAPHIC of You, her first Harlequin Romance, published in 1993. She right now lives in Wales, deep in the legendary heartland of Merlin, surrounded by misty hills and crumbling castles.

Visit her web-site to sign up for her monthly newsletter (that may put your brand in the monthly draw for a signed book), read extracts of approaching titles and see the RITA® Liz gained in 2001 on her behalf Harlequin Romance The Best Man & the Bridesmaid. 

Author's Name: Jodi Dawson

Jodi Dawson started out her writing profession as a, sassy girl, penning takes on to be performed by she and her four siblings. In a garage. Because of their 'held hostage' visitors of mom and dad. Years in the future, Jodi reclaimed her enthusiasm for the written expression and dove in head first with her initial love...romance.

After acquiring an education degree in Alaska, Jodi promptly put that little bit of parchment apart and followed her soul into writing romance novels. Settled now after moving into ten states and South Korea, Jodi dwells in the wonderful purple shadows of the Colorado Rocky Mountains and likes her kids and writing love tales for the people of her heart.

Author's Name: Jackie Braun 

Jackie Braun features been making up tales since she attended quality school in metropolitan Detroit, but she followed her father’s sage tips to acquire a day job and attended school after leaving East Detroit High School. She graduated with honors from Central Michigan University in 1987 with a bachelor’s degree in journalism.

After flirting briefly with a career in magazine publishing - she interned at Great Housekeeping in NY during university - she settled on working in newspapers. She started out as a backup editor at The Grand Rapids Press in Grand Rapids, Mich., and The Niagara Gazette in Niagara Falls, N.Y. In 1991 she became the first female editorial writer at The Flint Journal in Flint, Mich.

Visit her at www.jackiebraun.com

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Author's Name: Hannah Bernard  

Hannah definitely knew what she wanted to end up being when she grew up - a psychologist. After spending a long time in university working towards that objective, she took one appear at her hard-received diploma and believed: "Nah. I'd rather be considered a writer." She's no kids, no household pets, and only one husband, who any working day now will breakdown and consent to adopt a kitten. 

Visit Hannah's website at hannahbernard.com


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Author's Name: Ally Blake  

Having once been a specialist cheerleader Ally Blake discovered in early stages to live by the motto ‘Smile and the universe smiles with you’. One way to make Ally smile is definitely by mailing her on holidays, especially to spots that inspire her writing: NY, London, or anywhere throughout Italy will do the job nicely.

Other things that make her smile will be the gracious city of Melbourne, the gritty Collingwood football team, and her gorgeous husband. Don’t ignore lukewarm coffee, bowls filled up with M&Ms, THE TINY Mermaid memorabilia, and Christian Bale videos. See, the number of ways to produce her smile is endless!

And for her job as a writer? It offers her a perfectly reasonable excuse to indulge in her stationery addiction. That only is enough to keep her grinning every day!

Ally would love you to visit her at www.allyblake.com.

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